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History ​​

In 1952, the site where the school sits was purchased at the price of $133.00 per acre.

The school was officially opened in 1953, with a holiday being declared. In 1955, a request was sent to the Unit regarding building an addition to the high school. In 1957, the local Board requested that the Unit declare the Public School and High School become separate administration effective for the fall term. Mr. Grymaloski was appointed principal for High School and Mr. McGregor was appointed principal for the Public School. In 1958, the Public School moved to the high school, which had added four rooms and an auditorium. In 1963, Luseland honored former principal, Arthur Geelan, by official opening the Arthur Geelan Composite High School. In 1968, the introduction of Band instruction was ad​ded. In 1970, one full time and one part time clerical help was hired for the schools. In 1975, Kindergarten was introduced to the school system. In 1976, the Old Brick School was declared unfit for school use by the Fire and Health Departments. A modular room was added to the elementary school. In 1980, the elementary school as named after the janitor, W.S. Patterson.

In October, 1985, W.S. Patterson and Arthur Geelan Composite School merged as one, know as Luseland Schools. 

In 1996, the Kerrobert School Division and the Wilkie School Division algamated and became know as the LandsWest School Division #123. Then on January 1st, 2006, three school divisions, Battlefords #118, Biggar # 50(schools of Cando and Sonningdale) and LandsWest #123 (Luseland) amalgamated to become the Living Sky School Division.